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Lisbon Jewish Tours

(Due of the Pandemic, ONLY private Tour)

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. Tuesday 15Th June at 9h30am
. Wednesday 16Th June at 9h30am
. Sunday 20Th June at 9h30am
. Thursday 24Th June at 9h30am

. Sunday 27Th June at 9h30am
. Monday 28Th June at 9h30am
. Tuesday 29Th June at 9h30am
. Wednesday 30Th June at 9h30am
. Thursday 01St  July at 9h30am

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. Monday 05Th July at 9h30am
. Tuesday 06Th July at 9h30am
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. Sunday 11Th July at 9h30am
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. Tuesday 13Th July at 9h30am
. Wednesday 14Th July at 9h30am
. Thursday 15Th July at 9h30am


AND Almost every day from Sunday to Thursday start at 9h30am.

(No tour on Friday, Shabbat, Fast, Yom Tov and Erev Yom Tov. Thanks).


From Sunday to Thursday, start at 9h30am


Come and visit the Jewish Quarters of Lisbon with us!


Finally discover the history of Portuguese Jewry.


A rich history, that tells the story of the Jewish community over the centuries.

Learn all the facts of the fascinating narrative of Portuguese Jews, from their origin until today.


As longstanding dedicated members of the Jewish community in Lisbon, we will best be able to help you discover and explore so much more than the regular tourist guides.


Become captivated by the fact that already in the fourth and fifth century, we find the historical remains of a Jewish presence in Portugal, that is to say, well before the formation of the Kingdom of Portugal itself, which only came to be in the twelfth century, and still today we can find traces of the first Jewish communities in Lisbon from this period.


During this walk of discovery, the true Jewish past of the city of Lisbon comes to life.

We follow a route that is less frequented by tourists, picking up historical gems along the way


Our journey has a perfect rhythm, with a delightful balance between history and several anecdotes;

you will discover not only the Jewish past of Lisbon but also be captivated by the most beautiful views of the city, known only to our experienced guides.


Our tour will take you from the first expulsion of the Jews of Portugal by the Visigoths, to the present day, passing through the time period of the terrible fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and the Portuguese inquisition.


We will also show you the history of the incredible and mostly unknown role of the Jewish Community of Lisbon during the Second World War.


This tour also allows you to visit and explore the Synagogue of Lisbon, as well as the most beautiful districts of Lisbon: Bairro Alto, Baixa, Carmo, Chiado, Principe Real, Rato, and many more...


This is an ideal first introduction the Portuguese capital, so come and discover the authentic and unknown Jewish Lisbon with us..

The fascinating history of Portuguese Jews will finally be revealed to you.



* We offer the tour in English, French or Portuguese.


Reservations required. (Pre-booking minimum 3 days in advance).



Tours available:


* Visite "Jewish Quarters": CODE 02
From Sunday to Thursday,
departure at 9h30am or 10 am
(Only Jewish Quarters, without Synagogue of Lisbon visit)



Other day and Schedules on request.


Reservations are essential, as the tours are in a very small group (maximum 8 people),
on request, only totally private Tour (only you the the visit).


Please Note:


Due to the high demand of our services, we recommend you book your visit as soon as possible.


To facilitate your reservation please supply the following information:


. Number of people (adults / children)

. Desired language (French, English, or Portuguese)

. Name of your hotel in Lisbon (or your address in Lisbon)

. Date of your stay in Lisbon (arrival and departure dates)


Then, we will send you the available dates and schedules of the guided tour for your convenience.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information***